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Walk Your Way to Fitness

Back in 2018, I discovered Leslie Sansone and her “walking” videos. Her walking videos are very doable, fun, inspiring.

One particular video I ended up choosing as my way of getting fit. My husband has also gone on to using it as part of his workout routine.

Anyways, thanks to Leslie’s passion for fitness and generosity (in this day and age where we always have to pay for so much stuff), her YouTube channel continues to provide us more resources to staying fit.

Here are 2 of her videos which I am now set on using as well. You might find them very helpful as well.

Here is one to guide us towards that brisk walking we all need to do regularly:

And then here’s one to help us remove that fat! Walk your way towards a lighter figure 🙂

There you go. Some free resources, thanks to Leslie Sansone, to help us on our way to fitness. Enjoy!

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