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Staying Sane Despite the COVID Challenge

For about 3 weeks now, all of us from the office have been working from home due to the Community Quarantine imposed upon our city here in Mindanao, Philippines.

Thanks to technology, I am still able to work from home. And while I am currently studying as well (Masters), thankfully, my classes are all online.

It is a challenge though to adjust to this new routine of very limited ability to go out of our homes (only to do the essentials like getting groceries, going to medical facilities for check-up or medicine). The news is constantly blaring, of course, about this worldwide pandemic.

One of the things that has helped me stay sane is to listen to inspiring music. There is nothing like infusing your home atmosphere with a dose of hope, courage, faith.

Below is my own playlist on YouTube. Perhaps this playlist will be of help to you, too.

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