Thinking Out Loud

Catching Up

That’s right. I am catching up in blogging again on Winged Hope.

While I actually renewed my domain name and my hosting plan by early February, it took time for me to blog again.

Work and my studies (yes, I have been taking a graduate course for about a year now) has kept me busy. And then to save up on my hosting plan as it was really getting expensive to renew it this time, I decided to purchase a new and discounted plan. By doing this, I saved money but I also needed to set up this blog again 🙂 Thankfully with the help of my younger brother.

And yes all this took time but well, we are here again 🙂 And I am actually happy that Winged Hope is live once again after a short “glitch”.

I am also glad that 2 weeks ago, I was able to upgrade to a better internet plan.

So yes, I am smiling as I write this.

My dear readers and partners, thanks for sticking with this blog. May God bless and keep us as we continue to journey onward this year.

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