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4 Basics in Staying Healthy

Writing this is also reminding myself, really,

Truly there are basic things we can do to ensure that we stay healthy. Sometimes, they seem so basic we often neglect or forget them.

  • Getting enough sleep. Our mind needs it, our body needs it. It even gives us a fresher look when we do so. Sometimes when get all these kinds of cold, coughing, body aches — a good dose of sleep or rest might just be what our body needs.
  • Drinking enough water. We need to hydrate our bodies. And this is not only true for the hot, summer months. This has a cleansing effect on our body. It even makes your skin look better.
  • Eating our share of veggies. Vegetables are good for our body. I am not one who would advocate saying no to all meat. I enjoy eating meat but I try to eat balanced meals. Thankfully, my husband enjoys vegetables a lot as well. It always helps to have a family member who eats healthy as well. We eat meat but not as often as veggies and fish.
  • Keep moving. The goal is not live a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise. Take short (or long!) walks. Move around the house. Dance. Do house chores. Walk your dogs. Volunteer in community activities.

I am sure there might be other things that you would perhaps add to my simple list. And if you haven’t made a list (on paper, on your device or on your mind), perhaps it’s time to do so. It could be very helpful for you 🙂

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