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5 Reasons to Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are places of sadness and loss, but also hope and second chances. From distributing daily doses of cetyl m for dogs, to cleaning kennels, and taking pups outside to play, there are dozens of jobs to do at an animal shelter. You can help out by being a volunteer at your local animal shelter. And here are a few reasons why you should take this feat into consideration.

Take the Satisfaction from Knowing You Helped
There are few things equal to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing you helped with a serious cause. Abandoned animals are serious, and these pets need second chances, affection, love, and attention. You can offer your time, energy, and hugs to dogs and cats that need it the most.

Looks Great on a Resume or College Transcript
Volunteer work of any kind is always going to be a good bet on your college transcript or professional resume. It shows you have compassion and excellent work ethic, while conveying your ability to be helpful, selfless, and considerate.

It’s the Right Thing to Do
Volunteering at your local animal shelter is a right, positive thing to do. Not only are you helping the people that work there, but you are moreso helping the animals by being a warm, welcoming presence. You could completely turn a pup’s day around with sweet, gentle words and kind, soft tummy rubs.

You Might Find Your Forever Pet
If you are in the market for a new pet, you could find your forever pet while volunteering at an animal shelter. You never know, so keep an open mind. While you can’t take all of them home, you could find the perfect companion that could easily adopt your busy lifestyle and schedule. Plus, you could help others find their forever pets too.

pet dog, dog
Finding the right pet is a great experience. This is our pet dog, Smoothy.

Volunteering is Good for the Soul
Volunteer work, regardless of where it is and what it is, can be good for your soul. It makes you feel like you did something important, because helping others is a positive experience. In some situations, volunteer work can even help you cope with something negative in your life by giving you focus elsewhere. In the case of an animal shelter, dogs and cats can be very therapeutic, so your volunteering could be a great coping mechanism for both you and the animals.

So, why should you volunteer at a local animal shelter? Because it’s a nice thing to do, in a nutshell. You have the time and the energy, so direct that into something compassionate and kind.

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