How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Because men and women have different ways of flirting, one can easily misinterpret the signals a person is sending and think he or she likes them back. It can make it very difficult for people to actually find each other and form couples. This is how you end up obsessing over someone for weeks and wondering when they’ll do the first step.

To put an end to this ordeal, you pluck up your heart and give them a clear hint of your interest. But if the person is really not into you, they politely turn down and as a result, you feel covered in shame.

Women may have more difficulties determining correctly if someone is interested in them because they flirt in a more discreet manner and expect men to do the same. This is how a random glance from a guy can set you on fire for days and make you think he’s Mr. Right.

But, if things don’t eventually move on, he’s either a shy guy or he’s not interested into you. Here are some signs he doesn’t like you back:

He’s never around
Men may have dozens of different ways of showing they like you, from teasing to making compliments; when they like you they always act somewhere around you. But if he never seems to be close to you and you need to chase him to have a conversation together, then you should forget about it.

He doesn’t make eye contact
A guy who doesn’t like you may intentionally stare at you for a moment, just out of curiosity, but he’ll blink his eye away soon. On the other hand, women who stare shortly at a guy may like him, and for this reason you could think that a short blink from a man has the same meaning. Unless he looks into your eyes for seconds in a row, it’s better to get over it.

He’s never enthusiastic
Some other ways to know he is not interested: he doesn’t laugh at your jokes, he never initiates conversation, he doesn’t notice when you wear makeup and fragrance, and he never seems to feel your absence.

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He’s not interested in your safety
A sure sign that he likes you is his efforts to protect you. For instance, someone harasses you in front of him and he reacts back, or he’s interested in your whereabouts and whether or not you’re safe. But if you leave a place late at night and alone and he doesn’t care, then he doesn’t care about you at all.

He is friendly with you as well as with anyone else
A friendly behavior will make you think he might like you, but he may actually be just a very sociable and outgoing guy who doesn’t have a special interest in your person. Take a look at the way he behaves when he’s around other women and if everyone gets the same treatment, this means you’re not the one for him.

He’s always busy
A guy who is interested in a woman will do anything to be prepared for a date and not miss it. Some bad signs: he sets a date last minute, cancels dates or says he’ll call you back and he doesn’t. If he likes you, he’ll make time for you and never let you down.

Although it is important for you to find ways to let him know you’re interested, most men still consider they should make the first step. When they don’t, the disappointing truth you need to accept is that they probably don’t like you back.

It can be easy to misinterpret men’s signals. It is important to know yourself so you can get your own emotions out of the way when you are evaluating whether a man is interested. It is easy to dismiss a man’s advances if you feel that no one could be interested in you. It is also easy to believe that a man is in love because you are so hopeful and in need of a relationship. It is good to talk to friends, and potentially a therapist, to help evaluate situations and your emotional responses.

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