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Why Your Faith Shouldn’t Always Determine The Type Of Counseling You Seek

Counseling plays a pivotal role in the recovery for many people. This isn’t just in reference to substance abuse and addiction counseling. The recovery process can also apply to those seeking marital guidance, family guidance, or a number of issues that require outside assistance. When seeking out counseling, it can actually be more difficult than it seems. There are a number of counseling solutions with varying ways of helping people through their issues.

One issue that some individuals run into is that they feel their faith should help determine what type of counseling they seek. Christians may seek a Christian or pastoral counseling service whereas those of the Jewish faith may seek counseling from Jewish counseling or counseling through their rabbi.

Unfortunately, choosing a counseling service based solely on your faith is not a good idea. While they should certainly be in consideration, it shouldn’t be the only factor that determines your decision.

It’s About Recovery, Not Religion

It is important to remember that the overall goal of counseling, is recovery. Recovery can mean refraining from abusing alcohol or fixing the issues that are degrading your marriage. You are embarking in a counseling service for the process and solution.

While it would be ideal if the best solution for you also happens to be based within your faith, it might not be the case. Christian counseling services are exceptional for people of Christian faith. With that said, there is not a guarantee that that is the best solution for every individual of Christian faith. While counseling can certainly incorporate faith, it is not about faith. Again, it is about recovering.

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One Method Does Not Fit All

Unlike many other things in life, one size does not fit all when it comes to counseling. There are a plethora of counseling options and it is virtually impossible to say that one will for sure work out better than the other. It truly depends on the individual. Some people have incredible success with faith-based counseling services. Others have incredible success with group-based counseling services. Others may have more success with a more traditional approach with a psychologist.

The fact is that we are still learning about ways people respond to various treatments. In addition, new styles of counseling are becoming available all of the time. Art therapy and music therapy used to be relatively new, fringe concepts. Now they are widely accepted as forms of counseling and therapy.

The healthcare world is shifting into a virtual platform where you can sit in front of your computer and meet with a healthcare provider. The same is occurring in the counseling world. Patients are able to communicate with their psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors over the internet.

All of these methods have varying success rates among people. However, those that are not in the success column, might find better success with a different treatment approach. The point is that treating any sort of issue should be looked at from an individualistic standpoint, not a mass statistical standpoint.

Limits Your Options

Finally, your faith shouldn’t determine the type of counseling you seek because overall it will limit your options. That is not what you need when you are dealing with something as life threatening as drug addiction. If you are going through severe drug addiction, you need to have all options at your disposal.

Even in a non-life threatening situation, you still should have all of your options open. Going through marital issues is not a pleasant experience. Seeking out forms of counseling is usually the last effort made before filing for divorce. You need to keep all of your counseling options open and try different services if you aren’t quite getting the type of guidance you expected. When you are shopping for a car, you likely look at multiple brands or at last multiple models. You don’t typically hone in on one car and ignore the rest of the world’s offerings. The same should hold true when seeking out something as important as counseling.

Don’t limit your options when it comes to something as important as your health or relationships. Both are far too valuable to see deteriorate just because you are seeking a specific type of counseling.

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