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Last Known Ebola Patients in Sierra Leone Leave Hospital

I can’t help but see this as good news.

According to the Bombali District Ebola Response Center the last two Ebola patients were indeed discharged in the northern city of Makeni, right after their tests proved negative.

The statement further added that some 1,500 people had also been released. These people had been confined to their homes following outbreaks in the northern Bombali district as well as in neighboring Kambia.


The worst outbreak of Ebola in history first appeared in December 2013 and from then on 28,000 has been infected with about 11,300 dead. Almost of all these cases were in Liberia, Guinea and yes, Sierra Leone.

Liberia has also been declared free of transmission while Guinea only had 3 cases for the month of September.

Well, we can be all be thankful and glad that for these 3 countries, life can go on normally again.

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