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Best Shows on TV to Let Your Kids Watch


Children are sponges, soaking up everything around them. This includes the images and ideas shown on the television. While it is not the best idea to just park your child in front of the television for hours on end, some TV here and there will not hurt. This is especially true if you are choosing the right television shows. Here is a list of several different TV shows that are appropriate for kids, as well as information on the target age range and what makes them so great.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you have a toddler-aged child, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a great option. Do you remember watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood growing up? Daniel Tiger is very similar, but it is animated. It helps pre-school age kids and a little younger learn to validate their feelings and be part of a community. It teaches strong bonds for family and friends and also teaches your child how to deal with sadness, joy, frustration, and disappointment. As a bonus, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is filled with catchy songs and interesting characters that will keep your little one interested. This show can be found on the PBS network.

Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is geared toward pre-school age children, but younger kids will love the fun songs, and older kids who struggle with math can benefit as well. In this show, two small children and a robot travel around Umi City, working to solve math problems using real-life applications. This includes counting with higher numbers, addition and subtraction, patterns, and more. As a bonus, the show teaches kids how to solve problems, identify colors, and recognize shapes. This can be found on the Nick Jr. Network.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

If you are looking for an educational show for your first grader or older, then this may be a great choice. This is a timeless classic that is still aired on the PBS Station. It follows Bill Nye as he teaches kids about how science works in the world around him. It doesn’t offer sing-a-longs or animation, but the interesting and fun experiments will be enough to keep your kid entertained. Your child might even want conduct an experiment themselves. If this is the case, it is important that they’re supervised. However, even then, incidents requiring medical attention can occur. Be sure to tend to their injury and take them to your nearest doctor or pediatrician. Should the accident take place later in the evening, you can avoid the high costs of an ER bill and have them seen at a local late night urgent care, such as Night Lite Pediatrics.

Rock the Park

Rock the Park is one of the best ways to get your kid close to nature without actually going outside. It follows two enthusiastic and playful hosts as they visit national parks and other beautiful outdoor sites around the world. Some of the trips are a little dangerous, but outdoor safety tips are highlighted as kids learn. This show is aired on the CW network and is appropriate for first grade and older.

Art Attack

Art Attack is aired on the Disney Channel and provides a fun way to encourage kids to be creative. It is great for kindergarten kids and older. The show has a fun host who guides kids through fun art projects they can try. If you have trouble getting your kid to do something creative, then this is a great choice to offer a little inspirational guidance in the right direction.

Children today have a whole new appreciation for technology. Whether you are pro-technology or only let your kid watch a few hours a week, at least make sure their absorbent mind is not soaking up the wrong things. Choose one of the shows on this list and you can’t go wrong.

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