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Allergy Testing: What to Expect

Even as a kid, I remember having been allergic to certain foods, clothing material as well as with furry animals. My skin would turn reddish, I would be sneezing badly and sometimes, I would begin wheezing.

The symptoms have seemed to disappear through the years. There are just very few instances now when I would have an allergic reaction and I have been advised by my doctor to take antihistamine when I do.

I have also known even as a kid that there is such a thing as allergy testing. But my parents have not opted to get me one. When I began working, I had thought about getting it myself. But somehow, the idea got always pushed out with other concerns especially that I’ve had less and less allergic reactions as I got older.

Anyways, if you or your loved one is like me and have thought about getting allergy testing, then you might find the video below from MayoClinic HealthSystem quite helpful.

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