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Soon: Vaccine to Lower Blood Pressure

Do you take a pill daily to lower your blood pressure? Don’t you find it just a bit inconvenient at times?

Well then, perhaps you will find this good news: a vaccine which lowers blood pressure for up to six months may soon be available. But here’s more good news: the vaccine also reduces tissue damage to the heart and blood vessels associated with hypertension. The researchers also found no signs of damage to other organs such as the kidney or liver when the vaccine was used among immunized hypertensive rats in the study.


According to Hironori Nakagami M.D., Ph.D., study co-author and professor at Osaka University in Japan, the potential of a vaccine for hypertension offers an innovative treatment. The DNA vaccine designed by the researchers targets angiotensin II, the hormone that raises blood pressure. The DNA vaccine works like the common ACE inhibitor blood pressure medications: they help blood vessels relax and open up which lowers the blood pressure.

We certainly hope that this research, published in the American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report,  will very soon pave way for this precious vaccines to reach our drugstores and hospitals and finally, the hypertensive among us 🙂

Image: David Castillo Dominici

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