Doing a Dance Workout to Stay Fit

While I have tried several exercises and different workouts since I started this blog, I must admit that I keep changing what I do and in the end, I would stop exercising or working out 🙁 And when I do, I would always appreciate how my husband has always been consistent with his own workout routine! Why can’t I be consistent in mine?

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed like the light bulbs turned on inside my head 🙂  I have always said that I loved to dance (my friends and I in high school even formed our own dance group back then), so why should not I do some dance workout routines instead? From time to time, I do dance at home for exercise but I now wanted to do a specific dance workout. Thankfully, there are so many dance workouts available on YouTube which we all could easily access.

I chose this really cool dance workout which I think is very doable: Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout featured by my favorite fitness channel.  I’ve been doing this for almost 3 weeks now — consistently!! I do this 2-3 times a week from 20-30 minutes instead of just 10 minutes.

Check out the moves from the video below. You might just really like them and enjoy them like I do 🙂

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