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Keeping Your Man Healthy to Conceive

One of the things that couples would get excited about after their wedding is to finally conceive and have a baby. Now what could you do as a wife, as a woman to prepare, to conceive? What about your husband, your man?

As a woman trying to conceive, you don’t just need to take care of yourself. You also have to take care of your partner. How can you help your man be ready? Our friends at say that there are things that your partner can do to in trying to conceive.

1. Stay healthy. Healthy sperm means more chances. Make sure your partner eats healthy foods and avoid junk foods, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, all of which can harm the sperm and affect your man’s fertility.

Photo: photostock/
Photo: photostock/

2. Stay Cool. Make sure your partner keeps himself cool by avoiding saunas, Jacuzzis and other hot places as well as let him wear loose pants and shorts. These can damage the sperm and we don’t want that happening especially now that you’re trying to conceive.

Staying fit and healthy is one of the first thing you both can do in trying to conceive. Healthy sperms have more possibility to reach the egg. Who knows, the next thing you know, you’re seeing that precious two lines in your pregnancy test! 


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