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What About Bitcoins and Earning Them?

What’s stressing you lately? Has it been your health concerns or the status of your relationship? Or are the bills piling up and you think you could use some extra cash to pay that off?

Well, this post might just interest you. Ever heard about bitcoins? A bitcoin (plural: bitcoins) is a type of digital currency. You can use it to pay for things (like webhosting services and even pizza!) as more merchants are now accepting them. There is no 3rd party involved (like banks or even government) so this means no transaction fees are involved. And if you think that’s cool then of course, that means you would need to have those bitcoins to use for yourself. But how do you get them? The better question would actually be: how do you earn bitcoins?

There are actually several ways to earn this digital currency. Read on and see what you can try your hand on:

Selling goods online. If you are into selling stuff online, you can actually consider receiving bitcoins as payment. Yes, that is now actually a possibility.

Earn bitcoins when you sell online. Photo: nokhoog_buchachon/
Sell online & earn bitcoins. Photo: nokhoog_buchachon/

Investments & Trading. There are now sites on the net where you can actually do bitcoin investing. And as you invest wisely, you can also earn some more bitcoins in the process. Trading bitcoins, on the other hand, works just like day trading. You watch trends and do some analysis before you do your trading which you can also do online. And when you have traded well then that means additional bitcoins for you.

Mining. While we may have always associated mining with minerals, this term is also used in relation with bitcoins. You can earn bitcoins through mining though it may not be as easy today as it was when bitcoins began its debut sometime in 2009. This involves running a software to mine these bitcoins while some would also attest that they do their mining by solving complex math puzzles on their computer. If you are that computer savvy, then perhaps this would be your choice to earn bitcoins.

Getting a job and/or doing tasks. That’s right. Just by getting a job (full-time or part-time) you can now earn bitcoins. Many employers, more specifically online ones are now paying those they hire with bitcoins (jobs vary but most would involve technical jobs). By also doing some basic tasks like visiting websites or watching videos, you can now also get paid in bitcoins. By also getting your own website or blog involved and joining an affiliate program, you can also count on some bitcoins coming your way.

There you have it. Some of your financial concerns might just be answered and met by trying your hand in earning some bitcoins. Now this might mean just a little bit of effort on your part to learn more about the ways to earn this digital currency. And yet by doing so, this might also inspire you to try new things and try some “good” stress for a change 🙂

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