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Healthy Lifestyle: 4 Basic Rules

I came across this video on YouTube on Four Basic Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle. This video which was posted way back in 2011 I think is timeless in that it shows rules which are helpful to everyone who is concerned about having a healthy lifestyle.

What has also impressed me is that this was “previsualized, designed and animated” by LineStorm Animation students from three Boston Public Schools. I hope these students themselves will keep in mind what they have come up with and continue to live by these rules in their youth and as they gain more years in life. This project was part of Harvard Medical School’s Reflection in Action: Building Healthy Communities program.

And what are these rules? They are indeed as basic as can be but we could just as easily forget them. Go ahead and watch the video and see if you see these at work in your life 😉 And if not, try putting them to practise as they are good for us all.


  • Lynn

    My son did an animation like this in their art class in 4th grade although it wasn’t about healthy lifestyle. And speaking about healthy lifestyle, with all honesty, I am not living a healthy lifestyle at all. Shame on me. I don’t smoke but I don’t exercise either. And although my diet isn’t balance at times, I do get enough rest. It’s not totally bad, is it? 🙂

    • admin

      Not totally bad 🙂 Just add in some exercise (walking and doing house chores can actually count as exercise). My doctor friend says just make sure that your meals include vegetables and fruit as you would already have carbohydrates already from rice/bread and protein from meat/fish.

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