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Knowing More about Your Symptoms with a Symptom Checker

Thanks to technology, thanks to the internet — a wealth of information can be easily accessed within minutes, within seconds.

This reality, I think, is very much to our advantage including in the fields of health and fitness. For instance, when we are experiencing certain symptoms, we can check the internet to understand about our possible sickness/health condition  (if we don’t know it yet) and we can also know more about the sickness/health condition if our doctor has already given us a diagnosis.

I do not recommend self-medication but getting more information about our symptoms or health condition will help us cope better and take better care of our health. I also believe that we should take responsibility for our health and this knowledge we could access from reliable sources we find in the internet can helps us to do just that.

Photo: hin255/
Photo: hin255/

One source of information we could check out is the very helpful symptom checker at WebMD.  You can input basic information about yourself there and which part of the body you are experiencing symptoms and then you are given possible causes behind your symptoms.

What I also like about using this symptom checker it is that when you get the possible causes of your symptoms, you can also get more information about what the disease or condition behind these symptoms along with the risk factors, treatment, self-care, what makes the disease or condition worse and yes, when to see the doctor;  it even provides questions to ask your doctor when you go for a check up regarding your symptoms or the disease/condition. Now this is what I call helping and empowering people with information.

Try the WebMD symptom checker here. It could very well help you know more about your symptoms and get the best treatment for them.

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