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Summer’s Officially Here — Let’s Pack for a Summer Trip

As of today, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration has declared the start of the summer season as the ridge of High Pressure Area extended across Luzon. Now that means, we better prepare for the things we want to do under the sun 🙂  It’s time for some summer fun!


My hubby and I together with some good friends are preparing for a summer trip in the later part of this summer season. What, you would like a peek on my list of things to bring for this trip? Alright then, it’s not as complicated as rocket science and yes, I can show it to you. As the summer trip destination will be a beach resort where we hope to stay for 5 days, here’s what’s on my list:

1. Sunblock – I’m making sure that this tops the list because we always forget!! We need to take care of our precious skin for health and yes, beauty reasons 🙂

2. Swimwear – Bringing more than one, of course, is a good idea not just to show off your good fashion sense but to simply have a change of swim outfit.

3. Towels – Hmmm. I might still bring a couple of towels. Although the resort will be providing us some since we will be checking in, I still prefer to bring at least 2 of our own.

4. Enough change of clothes and undergarments – This should be in cool colors and preferably cotton so that it’s all cool, all fresh 🙂

5. Sun hat and shades – More protection from the sun, the better.

6. Favorite books, magazines and yes, the tablet – For the moments when we are not soaking in sea water, it’s good to sharpen the brain with some reading time.

7. Vitamins and some basic medication for colds and allergies. I like to stay healthy and watch my health even when I’m having fun.

8. Fruits – We will have our meals at the resort but I would like to bring our favorite fruits not just to please our palate but again for a healthy life.

9. Toiletries – The resort will provide for this but well, I still bring ours.  I have my favorite toothbrush, you see. And my favorite hair conditioner, too.


10. Swish!! – Speaking of toiletries and all things that keep us clean, groomed and decent human beings, I can not simply leave our favorite Swish product at home. Swish Mouthwash will be very handy to keep in our room for that early morning or late night gargle before we hit the bed. But the Swish Breath Spray will be in my beach bag. As it snugly fits in a bag or even a small purse, it will be handy to get out and use at any time of the day and anywhere in the beach. After all, who says we should forget having a healthy and clean mouth during summer time? Powered by Surefresh Technology, Swish kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis and it’s alcohol free, too. This quality product of Unilab is safe to use everyday.

If it were you preparing for that summer trip, what would you add to the list? Are you heading for a beach get-away, too? Well, who knows we might just bump into each other under the sun 🙂

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