Nature’s Solutions to Your Scaly Skin

Itchy and scaly skin is usually a result of dry skin and is often worse in winter. Scaly skin can be caused by eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, so if symptoms persist despite your best efforts at moisturising, you may want to see your doctor for diagnosis. Fungal infections can also cause scaly skin, particularly on the feet, click here for advice. There are steps you can take to rid yourself of scaly skin. Here’s a natural approach to eliminating this problem.

Get Rid of Old Skin

Our bodies discard old skin cells naturally, but if your skin is dry and flaky you can help this process along by exfoliating your skin each week. This will stimulate circulation to the skin area and also slough of dead skin.

The Value of Skin

Your skin works very hard and has to deal with the external environment every day, so it needs to be cared for. Our skin is your largest organ and it is the barrier between your body and the world. Without skin you could not protect yourself from bacteria and disease. The skin is home to blood vessels that carry blood around your body. Nerve endings are located here too, which is why many people feel ticklish when their skin is rubbed. Your sweat glands are also in your skin.

Nature’s Protection

Your skin has built-in protection against the elements. Your sweat glands should cover your skin with sweat and the sebaceous glands will produce oil which should hold the moisture in. If your body has difficulty with this process, your skin will become dry.

What to Avoid

Being in air-conditioned or heated rooms can dry out your skin. Harsh detergents and household cleaners can also rob your skin of moisture. Winter is also hard on the skin and this is the most common time to experience dry skin, so moisturise more in the cooler months.


Oatmeal is wonderful for dry skin. Add some instant oatmeal into your bath and it will have an instant soothing effect. You can also use wet oatmeal to clean yourself instead of soap. A good remedy for dry hands is to rub your hands with wet oatmeal, dry them and then rub them with dry oatmeal. Oatmeal is loaded with Vitamin C, which makes it a great booster for the skin.


Photo: Grant Cochrane/
Photo: Grant Cochrane/


Wet your body and then massage a handful salt over your wet skin. This is excellent for removing dry skin and leaving you soft and smooth.


Sprinkle a handful of cornstarch into the bath and soak in it. This will really ease dry and itching skin.
Baking Soda
Use baking soda as an alternative to dishwashing liquid and other harsh cleaners. You can also add a cup of baking soda to a hot bath and soak for 30 minutes. Allow your body to air dry. This is a wonderful old-fashioned remedy for itchy skin.


Wash and dry your hands well. Apply vinegar and then put on a pair of cotton gloves. Sleep with them on. This can really help chapped hands.

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  • Shydub

    wow, this tip is what I need. I just finish putting hot oil on my son’s flaky scalp. I always have this problem every winter. dry skin and scalp. I had no idea that oatmeal, salt or vinegar etc can remedy this dry and scaly skin

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