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Early Signs of Future Back Problems

Over two million Australians suffer from long term back problems that inhibit their day to day lives. Problems like chronic back pain and disc disorders are painful, inhibiting and can cause the body to move stiffly and cramp up. While everyone is unique, and those who develop back problems happen out of circumstance and lifestyle, back problems can be prevented by learning to identify the early signs of future back pain and taking measures to prevent them. Identifying and attending to them as soon as possible can make a huge difference to your quality of life and can reduce the risk of complications in the future.

Back problems can cause a domino effect….

The human back is the large posterior area that runs from the neck and shoulders to the beginning of the bottom and it is integral for us to be able to move fluidly, stand tall and protect the most important organs in the body. The spine is the defining skeletal structure in the back and connects the pelvis, rib cage, thorax and shoulders together to form and incredibly strong structure. Unfortunately, when the back begins to experience problems, this creates a domino effect and problems such as lower back, shoulder and neck pain. These symptoms can be easily overlooked as something situational or sporadic but if you feel pain, your body is trying to tell you something.

Early warning signs: Pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, spine, lower back and even hands…

Now pain might seem like an obvious warning sign, as pain is a way for the body to tell the brain that something is wrong, but any unusual sensations (no matter how small) in the upper or lower body could foreshadow the possibility of future back problems. Pinching, tingling, tightness, aching and stabbing pain can suggest unnecessary stress, agitated joints, strained muscles, injuries and even sickness can become foreboding. If sensations such as these persist it is recommended that you see your GP as soon as possible.

People who spend extended periods sitting down, standing up or lifting heavy objects often can find that they are more susceptible to developing these problems on a regular basis. The reason is not coincidental and more likely the result of unnecessary stress, pressure on the body or poor posture.

Photo: sixninepixels/
Photo: sixninepixels/

How can I prevent future back pain and help myself today?

Looking after your back is really simple and once you adjust to these simple changes you will not only feel better but could see a great improvement in your quality of life. Start by paying attention to your posture, your natural posture will allow the pressure of your weight and gravity to be evenly distributed through the body. Invest in ergonomic furniture, if you have an office job or find yourself sitting around often, ergonomic office chairs and lounges are designed to support the spine and encourage good posture while sitting.

We spend almost half of our life time sleeping so invest in a good mattress…

A poor nights rest can foresee a day with back pain, stiffness and difficulty moving and many are surprised in the difference a good mattress can make to their back health and a good night’s sleep. For a high-quality mattress be sure to check out Chiropedic, their mattresses come with posture tops which are designed to give the back added comfort while you sleep soundly. These mattresses also come with lumbar and side support which helps distribute pressure across the spine and lower back.

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