How to Prepare for Your First Cosmetic Procedure

While there may be excitement of the outcome, no one enters into a cosmetic procedure without doubts and fears. The idea being injected with anaesthesia while parts of your body are being poked and prodded, stretched and tucked by a doctor who you hope knows what they’re doing is a terrifying thought, made worse by the fact that it’s your first surgery. It’s a time for you filled with questions and concerns that should not be ignored by your surgeon. You may have heard horror stories, but rest assured, innovative technology trends tend to focus on less invasive techniques with small incisions for smaller gadgets and the anaesthesia you fear won’t keep you down is faster-acting with reduced side-effects. Worries aside, preparing yourself mentally and physically for cosmetic surgery for women needs to begin weeks if not months before your scheduled date. Here’s what to do in the lead up to your first surgery.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Giving up smoking is not an easy feat, if you do, you probably already understand the risks associated, so here’s another. Smoking cigarettes restricts the flow of your blood to certain areas of your body, slowing down your body’s natural healing process after surgery. Drinking alcohol also inhibits your healing capabilities as it affects your immune system making you more prone to contracting illnesses and disease. It thins your blood, making you vulnerable to unwanted bleeding. Cut out all smoking and consumption of alcohol in the weeks leading up to your procedure, and do not take it up again until your doctor gives you the okay.

Reassess Your Medications

The types of medications you are currently on could negatively affects your procedure or your healing capabilities. Discuss with your surgeon all prescriptions and medicines you taken irregularly to ensure none of them can have an adverse effect. This could be anything from anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinners, aspirin, Vitamin E and ibuprofen.

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Eat Healthy

It’s important not to fill your body with anything that can increase discomfort after the procedure. Play it safe by consuming only vitamin enriched food to boost your immune system and overall health. Avoid packaged items or food full of sodium which are known to increase swelling.

Make Nests within Your Home

No, you aren’t turning parts of your home into birds nest, this is purely about making comfortable areas where limited movement is required after your surgery. Most people opt to make nests in the lounge or in their bed, piling up pillows on the couch or bed for maximum comfort, ensuring a adequate supply of blankets are available as well as a drink, snack, book, DVD or any kind of creature comfort to keep you company.

Organise a care-giver

Regardless of the invasiveness, surgery takes a toll of a person’s body. To take care of yourself after a procedure is unwise, so you need to have someone on board to at least help you through the first twenty-four hours. This could be to drive you home and monitor you while the anaesthesia wears off.
Been through a cosmetic procedure yourself? What are your preparation tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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