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Healthy Steps Regardless of Age

Last week, my mother-in-law spent the weekend with us. She was not only coughing hard by the time she came to our house but she was also having difficulty breathing and she also had a bad headache. And to add to these discomforts, she told us that her chest was painful. My husband and I decided that she had to be taken to the doctor fast.

Thanks to our church mate who is also a doctor, we learned which specialist we should bring Nanay (Filipino word for Mother) to. Nanay’s doctor then informed my husband that she not only had emphysema but she was also having high blood pressure. The doctor not only prescribed medicines but she also advised that Nanay should continue taking vitamins. And she also stressed that Nanay’s diet has to change: more fish and vegetables and less meat. As Nanay took the medications, we were able to see the improvement on her health the next day.

Now when you think about it, changing our diet and regularly taking vitamins are healthy steps we can take regardless of our age. While we know that the wear and tear of age will inevitably come to us all, these can keep us a bit healthier longer 🙂 Perhaps we can say that they can add years to our life and even life to our years 🙂

Let's not forget our fruits and vegetables. Photo: Stoonn/
Let’s not forget our fruits and vegetables. Photo: Stoonn/

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