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When One is HIV Positive

My husband and I have been watching for several weeks now a Filipino drama series on TV5 called Positive. The reason we have been interested to watch it is because it deals with the issue of HIV/AIDS (Human immunodeficiency virus infection¬†/¬†acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). As far as we know, it’s the first of its kind in the Philippines. And I do not think there’s that many of its kind in other countries as well.

The series which runs every Thursday evening at 9 pm shows the story of the main character (Carlo Santillan) played by Martin Escudero who has been infected with HIV. He tries to find out who gave him the virus. And one big challenge that Carlo has to face is that he is married and his wife is pregnant!

I like the series because HIV/AIDS is a very real issue in the Philippines and in the world today. It shows how one could catch the disease; how one copes, deals with it not only in terms of medication but how one can go on living knowing that one has it. It also shows how other people, including loved ones might react towards a person who has AIDS. To me, the series is both a warning and even a helpful tool for those who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS as well as for their loved ones.

If the aim of TV5 and Positive’s director Eric Quizon is to create awareness of HIV/AIDS through the series, I would say they are doing an excellent job.

A scene from the TV5 series' Positive. Photo from
A scene from the series. Photo:

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