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Doctors Use The Latest Technology To Help Patients

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A high-tech operating instrument known as Firefly is offering new hope to kidney cancer surgery patients at The Georgetown University hospital. Firefly fluorescence technology analyzes a dye which is introduced into a patient’s kidney and lights up in a light green color when viewed through a fluoroscopic camera. It lets doctors differentiate between cancerous and healthy tissue while also letting them visualize the blood supply to the area. This advancement allows physicians to see tumors better than they ever have before. The end outcome is that patients don’t have any more surgery than is absolutely necessary. To discover more on this report, visit their article. The Firefly tool is currently utilized in three separate stages. First it can be used by the anesthesiologist in order to get a detailed look at the supply of blood to the kidney. The second injection mentioned above, allows oncologists to distinguish between clean, living tissue and infected areas. The risk of leaving even a few cells of any cancerous area behind is significantly reduced by using the dye in this stage. Finally the dye is injected one last time after surgery and the kidney repaired. This final injection helps ensure doctors that the blood flow has been fully restored.

One more surgical tool is being used at the Imperial NIHR Biomedical Research Center which may completely revolutionize the way decisions are handled by surgeons. Right now electrocautery has been replacing the tried and true surgical knife in most operations. Just as the name suggests, it is a tool that uses an electrical charge to quickly radiate flesh allowing surgeons to make incisions with minimal blood loss. This instrument gives off a gas which carries harmful materials, so it is removed with a vacuum device. The toxic smoke also carries the biological markers for the type of tissue affected. Recognizing this was happening, the Imperial team has created an improved device which forces the smoke into a mass spectrometer which provides real time data about the molecular make up of the gas. Preliminary research has demonstrated that varied cellular types release different chemical markers which are contained in the gas. The ultimate goal of this research is to give physicians instant feedback about what sort of cell groups they are cutting into in real time. Go to Parkway Plastic Surgery for more information.

The night before a surgery, be sure to get plenty of rest and fast as the doctor has instructed. Even though LASIK eye surgery has been found to be a fantastic way to improve vision, LASIK should not be seen as an extended solution, as eye glasses are still necessary as people age. When placing your life in your doctor’s hands, be certain you are familiar with and trust this individual. Before surgery, a patient’s incision surface will be completely sanitized with iodine to lower the chance of infection and inflammation. Recovery from surgery can last from many hours to many weeks, depending on the operation being carried out.

The W.H.O. monitors and reports on all health related matters across the world, often setting standards for most procedures. Surgical complications can lead to permanent injury or a prolonged hospital visit in up to twenty five percent of patients. While many people are afraid of operations and the pain that comes with recovery, just about all determine that it is necessary and healthier to have a little pain than to pass away from an easily treatable condition.

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