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5 Ways to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

How do I get a good night’s sleep? It’s an almost universal question or concern at some point in your life. You’re just not sleeping as well as you’d like to. If you have difficulties like this here are five simple solutions to getting the rest you need.

Minimize Anxiety and Stress
It’s hard to get to sleep if you’re fretting and worrying. The human body doesn’t respond well to being under stress and one of the consequences is sleep deprivation. Try managing your daily life to minimize the factors that will bother you. If there are things beyond your control try to learn to manage your thoughts. Learn to think about other things, or remind yourself that, or why, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Keep Healthy
The nature of your physical body impacts heavily on your ability to sleep. If you manage to keep yourself healthy through diet and exercise you’ll do so much better. Stay away from big meals late. Avoid heavy rich rood and eat earlier in the evening. Your stomach settling as you try to sleep does no good.

Avoid alcohol before bed. Alcohol reduces your sleep quality and while it’ll help you sleep easier you won’t sleep well or as long. Cut out caffeine. It wires you, that’s what caffeine does. It can affect you up to twelve hours later as well.

Stay away from heavy meals at night.
Stay away from heavy meals at night to ensure that you get quality sleep.

Manage your light
Expose yourself to as much light as possible during the day and cut down at night. Don’t wear sunglasses, let as much light into your home and work as possible and spend time outside where the sun gets to you. At night make sure the room you’re in is dark before you sleep, stay away from TV or computers late at night and use a flashlight to go to the bathroom. Your body needs to know how it’s supposed to work. Light works as a queue to your body.

Make a Routine
You need to make a routine and stick to it. Go to sleep at the same time every night, or as close to the same as possible. Do the same things beforehand as well. Read for the same amount of time, eat dinner at the same time. If you fail to do that due to oversleeping, faulty alarms, etc catch up on it by napping during the day rather than going to bed early. This won’t’ throw off your schedule.

When you lay down to sleep the biggest and most obvious problem is sleeping comfortably. Your mental well-being and maintenance isn’t much when compared to sleeping while uncomfortable or in pain. Consider changing your bedclothes, any unpleasant noises or smells in your room or your mattress. See for details on a mattress that will adapt to your body shape.

There you have it, five things that will result in the perfect night’s sleep from the moment you close your eyes to when you have to wake up. Goodnight.

Written by Robert Barlow

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