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Some Grim Facts to Make You Want to Scrub Your House Top to Bottom

A quick glance through any home and it will look surprisingly clean. Clean floors, dust free, furniture and mats in neat order, everything looks like good housekeeping has been put into practice. Most people do some housekeeping on a daily basis; and that doesn’t mean just keeping the kitchen sink area dish free. Clearing the kitchen table and kitchen benches of paperwork and shopping can make your home look tidier instantly. It is an unfortunate fact that germs cannot be seen. They are miniscule and love propagating away unnoticed. They multiply at an alarming rate and the best course of action to stop them is to scrub and clean!

In the kitchen

Every time you are in the kitchen, you turn on the tap, open a cupboard, handle dirty dishes and open the refrigerator door many times. When preparing food, especially raw meat, it is easy to transfer traces of the food onto everything you touch. These areas are where germs thrive. Be aware that the moisture trapped inside dishcloths also is a place where germs love to reproduce.


Anywhere that is damp is where you will find mould. Poor ventilation can also cause mould to grow profusely. Mould can cause asthma attacks, coughs, sinus and even lung and respiratory disease. Always use protective clothing and gloves when cleaning mould and for larger areas, hire the services of a professional cleaner.

Switches and knobs

On a daily basis everyone in the home will switch on a light, open a cupboard, grab the handle of the refrigerator, answer the telephone, use the computer or turn a doorknob. Multiple people touching all these switches and knobs will leave multiple germs. On a weekly basis, it is a good idea to give all these switches a wipe over with a disinfecting cloth.

It's a good idea to regularly clean door handles or door knobs.
It’s a good idea to regularly clean door handles. Photo from

In the bathroom

The bathroom/toilet area in any home is a haven for hiding germs. To clean around the base of taps, use an old toothbrush. Also regularly clean the toothbrush holder, where water drips from the toothbrushes causing germ breeding moisture to accumulate. Also make sure to wipe the flush button on the toilet regularly.

In the home office

Toilet seats are cleaned regularly, but not so an office desk. That is why a desk can hold 400 times more bacteria than the home toilet seat. With multiple people using the keyboard, imagine the bacteria amassing on those alphabet keys. Before wiping over with a disinfecting cloth, make sure the wipes are safe for electronics.

No matter how fastidious you are, germs breed and accumulate in many unseen areas throughout a home. Even if you are vigilant in your housekeeping duties with bleach and antibacterial cleaners, the germs will divide and multiply and rapidly start taking over again. This is a fact of everyday life and needs to be attended to regularly. For a good top to bottom clean AMC Cleaning offer a full domestic cleaning service. Using only environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can be assured your health comes first.


Written by Kim Blair

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