Say No to These Lipstick Products

There are 13 lipstick products circulating in the Philippine market which have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to possibly contain high levels of heavy metals, especially lead.

High levels of lead (lead beyond acceptable levels), is associated with serious neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and renal ailments. Take note that lead is also linked to high blood pressure, joint pain, poor memory, and concentration problems in adults. And for pregnant women using lipsticks with high lead content, they could pass on the heavy metal to their offspring. Lead easily crosses the placenta.

Be careful what touches your lips. Image from adamr/
Be careful what touches your lips. Image from adamr/

According to the FDA, these lipstick products coming from China or imitations of the original products have no market authorization from FDA.

Below is the list of the 13 lipstick products named by the FDA as being unregistered or being imitations of original products:

Baolishi No. 8

Baolishi No. 20 (green)

Baolishi No. 20 (yellow)

Baolishi No. 25

Baolishi No. 37

Miss Beauty No. 6

Miss Beauty Vitamin C No. 11

Shijing No. 39

Ling Mei No. 12

Heng Fang No. 8

Popa Italy 3 in 1

L’Oreal No. 209

Luoys Paris No. 05

Consumers in the Philippines can check if a cosmetic product is authorized to be in the market by typing in the product name on the “search” bar in the FDA website:

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  • Raya

    Scary! Thanks for the heads up.. but I don’t really buy skin products/ cosmetics that I am not familiar with. But this is worth-sharing with those who would buy anything for a cheap price.

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