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Perhaps It’s Time to Switch

My husband and I were just enjoying some Mangosteen fruit in the house this week. And it was a pleasant surprise that I was also given the chance to try Swish Mangosteen Mint mouthwash 🙂  Thanks to a blogging contact who made it possible. But now let me tell you more about how I find the Swish mouthwash as well as the Swish breath spray.

For one, true to what the manufacturers tell us, there is no painful burning sensation in the mouth after a 30-second gargle using Swish. This is good news for us who do care for our dental health. It’s fresh breath minus the pain of a mouthwash since Swish is alcohol-free. I am also pleased to note that there are various flavors available, 4 to be exact which are: Arctic Chill, Peppermint Fresh, Cinnamon Blast, Icy Choco Mint and of course, Mangosteen Mint. This means more choices for us which is great.

Having the Swish Breath Spray is also quite cool. It’s very handy. You can bring it with you throughout the day, conveniently placed inside your pouch or bag. That’s instant freshness within reach really. Take note that it is also available in 2 flavors (Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh).

As to the price, I think that Swish mouthwash which also comes in 4 sizes is also reasonably priced. A 120-ml mouthwash has a suggested retail price of P75 (less than 2 USD). The breath spray has a suggested retail price of P100 (about 2.50 USD) which is not bad considering that you can have up to 100 sprays using it.

Now with all this information laid bare before me and you, dear readers, would you agree that it’s time to switch? 🙂

Swish mouthwash and Swish Breath Spray are manufactured by UNILAB. You can click here for more information about UNILAB products.

A Swish Fresh Breath Saver Pack - good for the mouth and the pocket
Swish Fresh Breath Saver Pack – cool for the mouth & the pocket.

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