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The Freshness Women Need

From the packaging itself, you will already have the inkling that this is something that is cooling for you. And indeed a pack of pH care feminine wipes does not disappoint you from such an expectation.

Women have such specific needs that men may never really understand. And that includes what we need to take care of ourselves and everything about us.Thankfully, the people behind Unilab seem to know so much about us women. And I would say so because they have come up with what is not only helpful for us women in taking care of ourselves but something that is also handy. In fact, with our bags in tow, we can bring pH care feminine wipes wherever we go and yes, whenever.


These wipes are even more useful especially during times of travel when you have to be on the go, whether by plane, boat, bus or car. Thankfully, we can bring this pack of freshness with us. And indeed thanks to Unilab, not for just coming up with this product but for ultimately caring about us, women 🙂

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