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Identify the Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing is an important part of communication and forms the basis of understanding. While most people with a normal hearing take it for granted, those with hearing difficulties face a series of challenges on a daily basis. The use of a hearing aid greatly improves the chances of someone facing a hearing disability. Major advances have been made in the development of hearing devices and some devices such as the Siemens hearing aids have been specially developed for children’s needs. In many cases, early intervention in combating hearing loss in children is critical to improving their chances of learning and developing normally.

The Hearing and Learning Process
The reason it is so important to identify children with hearing challenges as early as possible is because the learning process is tied to hearing sounds. Even if the child is too young to understand words, hearing the words is part of the learning process. Once a child has been identified as having a hearing loss, the use of hearing devices plays a critical role in the child’s development. If a good hearing unit such as Siemens hearing aids is introduced, the child has improved chances of enjoying a normal development process. The features of the hearing aid can be customized to cater for the specific features required by the child. If the problem is not identified early enough and the introduction of the hearing device is done when the baby is over two years, the baby is likely to have a noticeably slower learning process. The loss of hearing also affects other developmental milestones such as speaking.

Signs to Look Out For
While hospitals are supposed to carry out some screening procedures on the state of a baby’s hearing, they do not always do a good job. There are a few things you may observe that may give an indication of some hearing loss. Some of them include;
-If the baby does not turn towards the source of noise by the age of six months

-If sudden loud noises do not startle the baby

-When you call out the baby and he/she does not turn to you unless they sees you

-If they seems to hear some certain sounds yet seem to ignore others

If you observe one or more of the above signs, it is a good idea to take the child for further screening to confirm the state of their hearing. Hearing loss is not confined to children only and teenagers and adults too are exposed to some of the risks that lead to the condition. Loud noise has been cited as one of the most likely causes of the problem. Understanding and identifying noises that might lead to loss of hearing is important.

Causes of Hearing Loss
-Some conditions may be congenital

-Chronic ear infection

-Noise driven hearing loss

-Some drugs may cause damage to the inner ear

-Ageing leading to a reduced hearing capacity

It seems that early intervention is key to controlling the loss of hearing. In many cases people with a loss of hearing may continue to lead a normal productive life as long as the condition is diagnosed early and corrective action taken. Thanks to the innovation of hearing aids, such people can go about their daily lives without a worry.


Ernest Poh founded The Hearing Centre Pte Ltd. The Hearing Centre is your one-stop centre for complete hearing aids and hearing conservation services. Ernest has been fitting hearing devices since 2004. Visit his website at to learn more about the different types of hearing aids and the possible causes of hearing loss.

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  • Verns

    HI Sis, thanks for the visit.

    My grandfather was one in our family who was hard of hearing due to to old age back then, unfortunately they can’t afford at that time hearing aid and it wasn’t a thing they’ve considered either because of poverty.

    Gladly in our generation we already have these techno to help us and we have access at our disposal 🙂

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