Guidelines on How to Properly Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is quite different from how you will do it during your other normal days. Many pregnant women are faced with the challenge of knowing how to exercise right. Some are misled on what exactly to do and not to do during this period. You can talk to a Singapore gynecologist for advice on the right exercises for you when pregnant. It is important to note that you will be required to exercise differently during each trimester.

First Trimester
During the first trimester, one is normally tired and nauseated from the constant morning sickness. Many women rarely are in the mood of exercising when in such a state. Your Singapore gynecologist will however tell you that this is when you need exercises the most for the proper development of your baby. Simple exercises such as walking and slow cycling will go a long way in the healthy development of the fetus.

You can pretty do any form of exercise that you normally do during the first trimester. However you should ensure that the intensity is not as much, and that the core temperatures are kept at the optimum level. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Discontinue the exercise if you happen to start feeling dizzy.

Second Trimester
Exercising during the second trimester should be done so with caution. During this period of your pregnancy, the placenta normally produces a hormone known as relaxing. This hormone may affect your joints and make them more flexible. This makes them easily twisted or sprained. In order to avoid such accidents make sure that you stick to low impact activities.

Jogging and cycling are recommended during the second trimester. Just make sure that you do not strain yourself. Be gentle and most importantly ensure that you can comfortably breathe. Stretching is also advisable in order to make your abdominal muscles stronger. This will come in handy during labor. Crunches, sit-ups and leg raises should be avoided at all cost. They can cause damage to the fetus.

It is important for one to develop a strong core when pregnant. You can use a Swiss ball to make this happen. Sit on the ball, make your body lean at an angle of 45 degrees as you let the ball roll slightly forward. Stretching during the second trimester should be done carefully for your joints at this time are unstable.

Third Trimester
During this stage you will be in no doubt heavier and always fatigued. Exercising will be the last thing on your mind. Swimming, slow walking, yoga and lifting light weights are perfect for this stage. As for your pelvic muscles, kegels will be of great help.

It is important to keep fit and generally lead a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy. This will make the labor process a bit easier. You will also not have a hard time exercising after the baby is born. Consult your Singapore gynecologist on which exercise program best fits your pregnancy. Exercising will enable you to have one of the greatest pregnancies ever.


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