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Getting Enough Sleep

Have you wondered lately if you are getting enough sleep? Well, I do. Especially since I do some online work well into the night or even past midnight.

I know it’s been said time and again that we need 8 hours of sleep each day. But just today I decided to check out again what experts have to say. I turned to the website of Mayo Clinic and found some interesting reminders as to the number of hours we should be sleeping. They do confirm that we adults need about 7-8 hours of a good night’s rest. Infants and toddlers, on the other hand, need 9-10 hours plus up to 3 hours of nap time. School age children need from 9 hours to 11 hours. Other than fulfilling these number of hours though, it is also important that it’s actually quality sleep, not one that is often interrupted.

I would say now that I need to add an hour or two to my sleeping hours, all for a healthier and better functioning me. Take note that lack of good sleep can affect our ability to perform “complex mental tasks”. Now how about you? Are you getting enough sleep?

Infants, toddlers & school age children need more sleeping hours than adults.
Infants, toddlers & school age kids need more sleeping hours.

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  • Raya

    Opps thank you so much for the reminders, Lors!! I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep but apparently I need more! Also, the baby’s so cute! Is that your niece? Thanks for joining BPC!

  • Jessica Cassidy

    Awww! Look how peacefully and adorable that baby while sleeping 🙂 I thought that is your baby Sis 🙂 I usually sleep for about 7 hours at least. Sometimes 6 hours and I know that is not enough 🙂


  • Rcel

    Now this post is making me oh so guilty!!! Waaaah! It is currently 2:33am here and you can guess that this status is against the “adults-must-get-at-least-8-hours-of-sleep” sleep law. Lol. I know, I should take care of myself and start getting back to sleeping regularly. 😀

    BPC hop!

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