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Remember the Plants

Indeed, we should remember the plants 🙂  And this is true in decorating your home or office. And yes in your backyard and/or front yard.

Aside from giving us flowers and fruits and yes, giving us shade, they use carbon dioxide and then release oxygen. And this oxygen is, of course, what we human beings need. It’s really a good idea then to have plants around and inside your home.

Plants inside the home need not only be for decoration purposes but they could also help you well, giving you a cleaner air around you. In fact a little bit of research on your part will also help you see which of these indoor plants are the best plants to use inside the home, helping clean out toxins as well 🙂


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  • Raya

    That is one lovely plant!! This post reminds me to buy a potted plant for our living room. A plant really makes a lot of difference! Thanks for joining BPC Lors!

  • Rcel

    Now I remember my mom who used to be a collector of this kind of plants when this first came out as a trend. Unsa gani ngalan ani? We have a lot of these in pink back then. I don’t know if they have been rescued during Sendong. I haven’t asked my family about it.

    I have a few potted plants inside my home because I believe they’re good enough for a cleaner air.

    BPC hop!

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