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How to Recover from a Cold Faster

Coughing, runny and blocked nose and a lack of energy are just some of the symptoms colds bring. Unfortunately getting sick is a part of life. Germs are everywhere and our body can’t always be immune to them, especially during cold and flu season. No one likes getting sick. In this day and age none of us can afford to be sick. The following article lists some great ways to shorten the length of time of your cold. It’s all about being proactive.


It seems so simple but a lot of people don’t slow down when they start to feel sick. If you take the time to give your body rest early on you reduce the time you will be sick and the severity. Stay home from work. Colds can linger for several days. Too much activity can decrease your energy level and prolong your cold.


It can be hard to get up when you are feeling ill but you need to make sure that you are constantly refilling that glass next to your bed with water. Water cleanses your body and makes sure that you stay hydrated. This can help remove bacteria and toxins out of your body.


At the first sign of a cold head straight to your nearest pharmacy and stock up on vitamins. Echinacea tea or tablets are derived from a plant that has been proven to boost the immune system. Sometimes our immune systems need a little help to fight off cold and flus. Take it three times a day or as directed by your healthcare professional. Additionally, zinc tablets, garlic supplements and chamomile tea are effective treatments.


Drink orange juice, eat oranges or take a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C, just like Echinacea, boosts the immune system. It can also help reduce how long you are sick for. You should try to have it up to three times a day but always double check dosages with your healthcare professional when purchasing supplements.


If you have already started to experience symptoms like runny and blocked nose then it may be time to consider over the counter cold and flu medication and bisolvon cough syrup. Discuss with your pharmacist about what symptoms you are experiencing so an item can be chosen that actually addresses the symptoms you are experiencing. Keep in mind that cold and flu medicines are not a cure they merely mask the symptoms.
There a lot more other things out there to try, olive leaf extract for example. Just remember to give your body time to heal. A couple days of rest can do a world of good.


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