The Sad Tale of Kris Aquino & James Yap

Last night on live Philippine television, Kris Aquino told the whole country her heartbreak and woes about her ex-husband James Yap. Earlier that day, James Yap also had a press conference telling all who would listen his issues against his ex-wife. Both Kris and James also mentioned their care and concern for their son, Bimby, who is apparently at the center of their accusations and counter-accusations with each other.

Bimby is only 5 years old. How sad that the love story of his parents which did not work out is an open book to all. How sad indeed that the whole country and beyond would have to hear how bad the relationship between Kris and James had really been. Is there really no other resolution to all of their woes than to tell it to the media? How come their lawyers, family members, friends did not even counsel them to handle the issues between themselves privately?

I do not know whether Kris and James realize that when they hurt each other and say negative things about each other (and for the whole world to hear at that), it is Bimby, their son who is really hurt in the process. And that’s the saddest part of all.

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  • riz

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    as with the feud between james/kris, my heart goes to their Bimby. i just wish that what had happen to her parents would not cast a dent on his young mind.

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