Husay at Malasakit: Beyond the Walls of Our Homes

Several months ago, the unexpected happened.

I was just waking up from an afternoon nap when I heard a loud, crashing sound coming from outside our house. A second after that, a piercing cry from a young kid, specifically a young boy filled the air. I rushed to my bedroom window and saw my neighbor’s 4 year-old son lying on our subdivision road, just right in front of our gate. And there was also the tricycle which had apparently run over him. I rushed outside to help.

There was no other adult in the scene [there were just kids and the boy’s teenage aunt who looked reasonably shocked and afraid] and out of concern, I gave instructions to the young aunt to fetch the boy’s parents from their house. I also talked with the driver and even his passenger [to make sure that it will not be a hit-and-run incident]. And most importantly, I checked on the condition of the young boy. I then encouraged his grandma who came shortly after [it turned out that his parents were not home] that the kid should be brought immediately to the hospital, making sure that his foot which was the one directly run over by the tricycle would not be moved. I did not want any further aggravation of his injuries to happen while he was being transported to the hospital.

Today, after a needed surgery, that young kid has recovered from that accident. And my husband and I along with his own family are glad that he has done so.

I believe that we are to show concern even to people who live outside the four walls of our homes. And that the knowledge we have learned through our studies and our own experience can be, must be used to help others. I am to show “malasakit” whenever and wherever I can and I must strive to learn the best I can [be “mahusay”] so that I can help and serve well not just my own family but even those who are not related to me by blood or affinity. And I am glad that companies like Unilab also believe in having “husay” and showing “malasakit”. Husay at Malasakit — they are a boon to our homes, our communities and yes, even to our country and beyond.


You may also find more information about Unilab’s thrust to encourage everyone about the importance of Husay at Malasakit through their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Exercises to Alleviate Knee Pain

Reaching my 40’s has been great except that I’m beginning to have knee pain!! My husband makes fun of this sometimes, teasing me that if I had gone on to marry a much older guy, then that would have meant two people in a marriage with knee pain 🙂 Anyways, I have been watching my diet as some food do appear to trigger the pain and I have also consulted a doctor about my condition.

To be honest, I’ve made the pain an excuse to slack on exercise, specifically my favorite ones which are walking and dancing. And so I am quite excited to try out these exercises I found via YouTube that might possibly help me deal with my problematic knees 🙂  You might want to try them yourself if you’ve had some knee issues as well. Do let me know if it also works out for you.

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