Maintaining Healthy Skin

Perhaps not everyone will really admit it but deep inside we all want healthy, glowing skin. When a person has healthy skin, that person will look young and yes, attractive. But maintaining healthy skin is not always easy.

Sometimes our bad habits get in the way. Sometimes we fail to even take the basic steps to nurture our skin. Sometimes the kind of skin type we have makes it a challenge to maintain it well. And then our skin can battle against allergy, infection, pimples and blackheads. We then have to find means to free our skin from these. How does one stay allergy-free or pimple and blackhead-free? Thankfully, the internet can be our ally in finding resources to stay free and be relieved from these skin problems. There are helpful articles like the one here that could help you and me get rid of blackheads from around our lips.

Less we forget, here are the basic things we can do to take better care of our skin:

Eat well. In other words, eat healthy. The reality is we do become what we eat. What we eat affects our health and yes, our skin. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are our best friends in keeping our skin healthy. Let’s not also forget to drink well – to drink plenty of water to keep our skin hydrated.

Say no to smoking. You really should. It is best to do so not just for your skin but for your overall health. Smoking causes damage to collagen and elastin. These fibers are responsible in giving your skin strength and and elasticity. Smoking makes your skin paler and can give you more wrinkles. Be warned as well that smoking can increase your risk of skin cancer. So really, please stop smoking if you are a smoker. But if you find it hard to stop, ask help from your doctor. You can beat smoking and be a healthier version of yourself.

Get serious in protecting your skin from the sun. According to Mayo Clinic: “A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.” We need then to really make the effort to protect our skin from too much sun exposure. Use sunscreen whenever you will be exposed under the sun (SPF 15 or higher) an re-apply after every 2 hours. Stay away from sun exposure from 10 am to 4 pm.

Be careful in using skin products. Just because some skin products work well on your friend or a famous actress/model, don’t assume it is also good for you. Don’t be careless in just using any cream, lotion or facial wash on your skin. Make sure that your skin has no negative reaction to it.  Find out if these products are approved by the food and drug authority in your country.

Get enough sleep and rest. Sleeping well and taking the time to rest is good for your skin. Well, in fact, it is good for your overall health. Make  sure that you know how to manage stress. A stress-filled life can equal to skin problems including acne. Taking the time to rest and relax means a healthier you and yes, healthier skin.

While beauty should not only be skin-deep, it is still for our benefit to take better care of the only skin that we have in this lifetime.

Benefits to Look for in a Life Insurance Plan

I grew up with my father working different jobs: lawyer, newspaper editor, radio station manager, elected government official and at one point, an insurance agent. However, my father never really discussed insurance to us, his children.

Years later, a couple of months after finishing university while I was still busy searching for that perfect job :), I was approached by a smart-dressed, middle-aged woman. She proceeded to invite me for lunch which included an insurance presentation. Her goal was not to sell me an insurance plan. The goal was to make an insurance agent out of me.

And so technically, my first job after finishing my Psychology degree was really selling insurance. Although I did not stay long working as an insurance agent, that experience taught me a bit about insurance.

Today, we  can of course read and know more about the different insurance companies and their products through media and through the internet.

According to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article way back in January this year, about 48 million Filipinos are covered by life insurance policies during the 3rd quarter of 2017. The article notes that there has been a rise in the number of Filipinos availing of life insurance citing that in 2010, only 15.4 million Filipino lives were covered by insurance.

Well, I hope they took out life insurance policies that would really be beneficial for them. I hope they took the time to read the fine print of their policies. I hope they took the time to scrutinize and even compare the benefits from different insurance groups. I hope they knew what benefits to look for in a life insurance plan.

Personally, I would like a life insurance plan that has extensive coverage, with benefits that I can really enjoy. I also want it to have benefits which would include my family. And I would appreciate if it has innovative benefits. What I mean by this is it has benefits that even other insurance groups have not thought about yet. And of course, I would like to get an insurance plan from a trusted, reliable name.

While it is expected that life insurance plans would mean financial benefits to the immediate family member of the insured upon death, personally, I would also appreciate receiving benefits while I am still alive 🙂 Here are the top 3 benefits that I would also look for in a life insurance plan:

  1. Health and accident benefits.  I would like to have health and accident benefits to be part of the plan. This means that even while the policyholder is still alive, in the event of disease, accident or disability (temporary or permanent), hospitalization costs incurred by the policy holder will be covered by the life insurance plan.
  2. Waived premiums in case of disability or critical illness. I think it is a terrible thing to suffer disability whether temporary or permanent and to be diagnosed with a critical illness to still be required to pay bills including insurance premiums. Hence, I would go for a life insurance plan that offers waived premiums or payments in the event of a disability or critical illness diagnosis. When we are young and at the prime of life, it is easy to picture that we will always be healthy, mobile, able. But in reality, we can not really  predict what will happen to us in the course of our life. I think it is a good thing to be assured then that should one suffer disability or critical illness, one would not have the added burden of continuing payments for one’s life insurance plan.
  3. Investment component. I think it is a nice option that it is not only your heirs will enjoy or reap the benefits of your life insurance. I appreciate a life insurance plan that allows me to receive coverage while giving me the opportunity to invest my hard earned money at the same time. My premiums could earn interest over time and I can enjoy a portion of my life insurance benefits after a certain amount of time, while I am still very much alive 🙂

My expectations of the kind of insurance I want has led me to know more about YGC Family Protect. I think it is a win-win situation for us and for our families that YGC Corporate Services, Inc. has partnered with the industry-leading insurance providers under the Yuchengco Group of Companies to provide products and
services for our and our family’s financial protection. And I am happy to note that they also provide health protection plans for us and for our families, too, via Malayan Family Protect.

Under Malayan Family Protect, there are various Health Protection Plans to choose from: Hospital Cash Plan, Family Shield, Family Protect Plus, Card For Life, Family Protect Elite and Family Protect Max. Take note how innovative the Card for Life is: it even provides for add-on cash benefits for payment of your annual credit card dues!

Yes, get insured. Make sure you know what benefits to look for in your insurance plan. And do include your family as you get one.

For more information about Ygc family protect and Malayan family protect, take time to check out these sites:

4 Tips in Coping with Stress

It is inevitable. We will always have our share of stress-filled moments in life. And apparently, the older we get and the more experienced we are with life, our sources of stress or stressors seem to also level up.

While not all stress is actually bad for us, it does help to make our lives better and healthier when we know how to cope with or face stress. If our stressors seem to multiply or level up in relation to our age then I think our ways of coping with stress need to also improve, level up.

1. Your perspective matters. The way you look at stress and whatever causes it can affect how you cope. It is to your best interest then not to allow yourself to look at the stressful situation as something beyond repair or beyond solution. What you can do instead is to think of possible ways and steps on how you can face your stressor. Personally, what has been helpful for me is to remind myself that I have survived through several stressful situations in the past and surely, there is a way for me to face well this particular stressor in my life right now.

2. Focus on what you can do now. Sometimes what makes a situation or problem more stressful and energy sapping is when you constantly repeat or rehash what could have been or what should have been done so that there would have been no stressor to face now. But the reality is what has happened has indeed happened and so what you need to be focused now is what can be done. For instance, if you have found yourself deep in debt, what can be done now is just to look for possible solutions. You can reach out to a friend or a family member who is adept with finances or a financial advisor you can trust who can help you. This can also be the time to avail of debt relief services.

3. Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are able to face stress well if we have been living a healthy lifestyle: enough sleep and rest, eating well, doing regular exercise. The temptation is to cut hours in our rest and sleep in the name of productivity or failing to exercise because we do not have time for it or to eat what is just readily available, never mind if it’s overloaded with sugar, with calories. We are better “armed” to face stress if we have taken the time to take care of ourselves.

4. Find your de-stressor. You need to know what are the things that can de-stress or relax you. Perhaps it is talking to your friends or your loved ones. Perhaps it is taking the time to read the Bible and some inspirational literature. The key is doing these things that can de-stress you within the day, week or month. Take regular time to de-stress and you will actually find yourself better able to cope with stress.