Time to De-stress

What do you do to de-stress?

It is important for you not only to know what is stress and how it affects you but also to consider the things you can do to de-stress yourself. And it should not only end in considering — you and I will have to do those things that de-stress us. This is not only for our good but ultimately for the good of others: for our loved ones as well as our office mates and workmates. A de-stressed you and me will also be able to function better at work– think efficiency. And of course, the ultimate effect of a regularly de-stressed us is better health and even a longer life 🙂

One of the things that help me de-stress is to listen to music. Here is a playlist that I’ve just been listening to as I work and during times when I just de-stress. An added bonus is that the playlist also features scriptures from the Bible which I find quite encouraging 🙂 Check it out for yourself:

Should You Use Ice or Heat for Pain Relief?

It should be ice. No, it should be heat.

Have you found yourself and others discuss or even argue whether you should be using ice or heat to help you cope with mild pain you’re feeling in your body?

Well, it’s time to hear the truth, the facts.

Both can actually help you as you deal with that muscle cramp or body ache. The cold in the ice helps and so does the heat from a heating pad. Watch and hear all about it here:

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