Problems with Dysmenorrhea

For some women, having their monthly period can be such a challenge. In fact, it can literally be a pain. They suffer from painful menstrual period also known as dysmenorrhea.

I, for one, suffer from it. I have even gone a couple of times to my gynecologist for some check up. Tests did not show anything unusual in my system.

So how do I cope with this monthly challenge? When the pain is bearable, I do my usual duties for the day. But if it is not, I rest and take some pain reliever. I also try to include some exercises and watch my food intake before my period. I’ve also recently learned that some fruits are good in fighting menstrual cramps, like bananas and pineapple. I will be including more of them in my diet 🙂

How about you? Is dysmenorrhea a monthly challenge for you? How do you cope with it?

Bananas are good for  fighting cramps.
Fruits like bananas are good for fighting cramps.

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Taking Care of Your Face

I think everyone would agree that it is important to take care of one’s face. But as to continually doing that and as to how, we may have different answers.

Some might say that they wash their faces three times a day, that they only let natural products touch their skin but the again, for one, I think we will all agree as well that keeping the face clean always is a must. This means removal of dirt and specifically for women who wear make up, removing  make up at the end of the day.

I must admit that some days, I am, just too tired to wash my face especially after a long day. I may take a shower but I do not feel like subjecting my face to water and then end up not being able to sleep right away. This is where I appreciate having a pre-moistened towelette touch my face before I doze off. It takes away the make up and the dirt. Thanks to my sister, Charmaine, for sending me a good supply of Kirkland Facial Towelettes. I find them very useful in taking care of my one and only face 🙂


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