Happy Mother’s Day :)

To all our lovely Mommy readers and to all mothers in the world, we take time to pause and greet you all a Happy Mother’s Day!!

For lack of more words, allow me to post here an additional sweet greeting from Disney Movies, home of some of the best cartoon movies I love 🙂

Our Friendships and Relationships

Perhaps you have seen or heard about the musical Wicked. I really enjoy its songs but one that really caught my attention is the song For Good. It is something that shows what effect we could bring to our friends and I would include our loved ones; it reminds us what blessing we could give to our relationships. Well, I won’t say more. Just listen to the song (again if you have done so before 🙂 ) and take note of the lyrics. I hope this song will inspire us in our friendships and the rest of our relationships.

Heart’s Day and Pablo Neruda

In two days, it will be Valentine’s Day which is celebrated in many parts of the world. Roses, chocolates, love songs and yes, love poems will somehow flood that day. And speaking of love poems, I’m reminded of one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda (1904-1973). Just to give us all a bit of inspiration, let me share with you one of his poems 🙂


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