The 5 Ingredients for a Perfect Relationship

Relationships are somewhat like a recipe. You are an ingredient; your partner is an ingredient. The salad dressing is the conversation, the chocolate is your favourite memories as a couple and the salt and pepper are the emotions. Mixed together you all create an amazing meal. But what are the five ingredients for creating the perfect relationship?

They are…

1. Regular “couple time”

We all live busy lives and when we include our loved ones, it just gets busier. It takes good time management to live a good and yet still busy life. You have to make time for your loved ones to stay connected. You could either dedicate a date night or combine couple time with something else. Here is an idea… instead of rushing off to the gym or a run alone, make that your couple time. You are keeping fit while spending valuable time together.

2. Lose the expectations

Instead of depending on your partner for your happiness, depend on yourself. You won’t be around your partner all day. You have your own job. Your own friends, your own personality and your own world. This doesn’t mean that your partner can’t do something that makes you feel appreciated and loved, it just means that you will be okay when they shift their focus onto something else. This is realistic and gives your relationship the freedom it deserves. Your partner can’t be your band aid all of the time.

Photo credit: phanlop88/
Photo credit: phanlop88/

3. Nurture the ‘friend zone

Unlike its namesake, the friend zone can mean a great number of things. In a relationship, it is about nurturing your time as best friends. Like hanging out and having fun doing something you both enjoy. Every relationship begins on a friendship and if you’re stuck for ideas, try and remember what you did on your first lot of dates. Did you have a favourite restaurant? Did you go to a game? Or to a particular show? Cultivate your shared interests and go for it. Laugh hard and talk the night away.

4. Listen and respect each other

Really listen to what your partner is saying. That way you can both avoid some miscommunication. Take into account their feelings and respect them for it because everyone is entitled to feel how they really feel. If there’s something you’d like your partner to do, talk about it. But tell them, simply, directly and using kind words. Yelling out a demand can send the wrong message.

5. Steam up the windows

The bedroom is where you can express how you really feel about each other in the privacy of your own home. Is your love life lacking? If so, maybe you need some extra spicing to revive up the passion. For ideas, check out Naughty But Nice. They have a huge collection on toys and remedies you can use. Intimacy is all about being open to the point where you can share your entire self with your loved one without feeling insecure or ashamed.

Clinical Antiperspirants vs. Deodorant: Is one better than the other?

People will pay anything to avoid the slightest drizzle of sweat excreting from their pores. Whether it via quick fixes like Botox or packaged pills with absurd claims of ridding the issue for good. However, sweating is natural process undertaken by our bodies to flush out the toxins. We don’t mind sweat when we are pumping weights at the gym or lazing on the beach in the hot summer sun. But there’s a time and a place for everything, and nervous sweats during a job interview or on a first date is less than desirable. Not to mention when body odour comes into the equation! Most of us will just opt for your regular old antiperspirant or deodorant, but are these products just adding to the issue or helping to solve them? Let’s take a closer look.

How does antiperspirant work?

Fondly referred to as sweat blockers, antiperspirants like Rexona Clinical are the most active at containing excess sweat. How? As antiperspirant is filled with active ingredients like aluminium, it effectively inhibits the release of sweat by clogging the pores. While aluminium is one of the key ingredients in antiperspirant, a lot of people worry that using this chemical over a prolonged period of time contributes to breast cancer. There are numerous studies that describe what happens when aluminium is digested into the body, but the research that tests what happens when applied onto the skin is varied and inconclusive. Despite this hot debate, antiperspirants are still the number one choice for people who experience excessive sweating due to anxiety or stress. It also works as an agent to combat the enemy – body odour. By keeping the armpit dry and clean, the bacteria has no room to grow and create that sickly sweet aroma we know all too well.

Antiperspirant inhibits the release of sweat by clogging the pores. Photo: stockimages/
Antiperspirant inhibits release of sweat. Photo: stockimages/

What about deodorants?

Your general store bought deodorants don’t contain any chemicals to keep you from sweating – once you spritz it on and play a game of tennis, you’re more than likely going to perspire, in fact you’re likely to feel quite hot in the area you just sprayed depending on your skins sensitivity. On the other hand, deodorant contains ingredients like triclosan that make the skin in your armpits too salty to support the growth of bacteria, resulting in the ability to mask the smell of unpleasant body odour. Unlike pure antiperspirants which are usually fragrance free, deodorants also work as a perfume.

Which one is best for me?

The choice between deodorant and antiperspirant should be deciphered by how often you sweat. If you are prone to excessive sweating then it’s probably in your best interest to invest in an over the counter clinical strength antiperspirant that helps control the body’s ability to perspire. By reducing moisture under the arms via an antiperspirant, you are also likely to stop the appearance of odour in its tracks.

How do you manage excessive sweating? Do you use an antiperspirant, a deodorant or a natural remedy? Tell us in the comments below.

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