Most Important Meal of the Day

If I do ask you what is the most important meal of the day, I have a feeling that you would say that it’s breakfast. And you would be right, of course. Now, how come a number of you reading right now may not really care to eat a regular breakfast?

Well, the reasons could be many. But sometimes, people may hate to admit it but perhaps, the thought of having a morning meal does not excite you. I think one remedy for that is changing your breakfast menu every now and then. Variety could spark up that appetite for breakfast. And speaking of variety, why not try having breakfast outside the home from time to time? I may not recommend regularly having meals at fast food joints or restaurants, but doing that every now and then can be good and yes, at breakfast time.

I can not end this post, of course, by not reminding you that having a good breakfast is good for you physically and yes, mentally. You have a full day ahead, you need the energy and sustenance that a good breakfast could give you.


A Healthy Summer Drink

There is nothing as refreshing as taking natural coconut water or coconut juice when you are in the Philippines 🙂

Aside from being a refreshing, natural drink, it is also a healthy one. It contains simple sugar, electrolytes and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc). It is a good source of B-complex vitamins. Research studies also indicate that cytokinins in coconut water showed significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic effects. Take note that since it has a good amount of electrolyte potassium, it’s also a good drink for those suffering from dehydration (such as those caused by diarrhea).

Think about it, with all its health benefits, this is a good drink really whether it is summer time or not 🙂


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Go for a Guava

It is always a good idea to include fruits in our daily meals. Fruits, after all, are a great source of vitamins as well as minerals.

One fruit that I have always loved as a child is the guava. And as there were guava trees in our garden as well as in vacant lots near our home then, it was always within my reach. I would relish eating it with salt! Today, I still love eating guavas and so does my husband 🙂

Take note that the guava is a rich source of Vitamins A and C as well as folic acid. It is also a good source of potassium, copper and manganese. And according to some sources, a single common guava has about four times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange! So go ahead have a guava today 🙂


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