Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy

If you have been struggling to lose weight and get healthy, you might be feeling overwhelmed and defeated. It is not an easy process and there can be many obstacles that you will face. But once you decide that your health and happiness are worth the effort and work, then you just need to find a plan and a team that will help you reach your goals in a safe and healthy manner. Take a few minutes to research lap band Houston to learn about the benefits that this weight loss plan holds for you.


Being obese carries with it many additional risks other than just the added weight. You are far more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, asthma and other breathing disorders, depression and even premature death. All of these complications are just part of what you face when you are overweight. The daily struggles can also include constant fatigue, difficulty completing everyday tasks such as walking, driving or even cleaning your home and discomfort due to your excessive weight. This is no way to live and you deserve to find a solution.

Researching lap band Houston will give you more information about the process, the qualifications for the surgery and how the amazing results can change your life. If you are serious about changing your eating habits, increasing your activity level and level of exercise and living a healthy happy life then this could be your solution. The team of skilled professionals will be with you every step of the way as you begin your journey to the new and improved you. If other plans, diets and programs have not worked then you need to check out lap band Houston to learn about how this program changes more than just what you eat, it changes how you live your life.

Doing a Mid-year Review of Your Health Goals

It seemed like it was just January and now, we are already in the middle of the year!

A friend of mine recently spoke at a gathering and she mentioned about the need to do mid-year reviews in terms of achieving our goals in the work setting as well as in our personal life. Her talk also reminded me about taking stock of my own health goals for the year.

The Importance of Goals. Allow me to backtrack a bit. There are really no goals to assess or review in terms of accomplishing them if we haven’t made any clear goals in the first place.

I think it helps a lot if we also take time to write down these goals. These goals need to be also SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). An example of this in my case would be: Walk for 30 minutes three times a week around our subdivision.

And Now, the Review. Basically, if we have listed down those health goals we have for the year, then it’s a matter of going back over them. What where those that you were able to accomplish? What was not accomplished? For those you were not able to accomplish, what could be done differently? I have thought about my inconsistency in my walking goal around the village and realized that the times I was not able to do this was during the times when it was raining. I recently got the idea from another friend to do another set of “walking exercises” which could be done right inside the home. So yup, rain will have to be crossed off as a reason why I have failed to do my regular walking.

Accountability. I have also come to see how helpful it can also be to accomplish your goals if you share it with someone. This person can then remind you whether you have stuck to your goals. You actually gave him or her “the right” not only to remind you but also to ask you whether you are indeed working on your health goals.

And so for me, I’m revisiting my health goals this time. I am also revising them so that they can be SMART.

We can do this! Let’s be healthy this year and onward! 🙂

Basic Steps to Lower Your Blood Pressure

At times, there is a mistaken idea that as your age advances so will your blood pressure. As if, there is nothing that can be done to lower it or bring it back to normal again.

Actually, there are basic things that you and I can do to lower our blood pressure. And in the end, the issue of blood pressure aside, there are things that can be done to keep us healthy as much as possible in this side of life.

Check out the video and let’s apply what we can to lower (or maintain our already normal blood pressure) as well as to keep ourselves healthy.