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Vacations are Good for Your Health

Yes, they really are. Vacations are good for your health (physical and mental health). While this might mean taking time and spending some cash for that break, the benefits can outweigh its advantages. Below are some advantages on taking that vacation. And I am grateful for the article of Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. on Psychology Today which was a good source for the studies referred to below 🙂

Here are some advantages for taking that vacation:
Vacations help lessen/moderate job stress. This was actually the finding of a 2009 study where Canadian researches Joudret and Wallace reported that vacations helped to buffer/ameliorate the job stress among a sample of almost 900 lawyers. Now, this should be considered by everyone who always complain that they are stressed out in their work. Perhaps, it’s time to take advantage of those paid vacation leaves and enjoy even a couple of days of your own getaway 🙂

There are personal benefits which are good not only for you but for your job as well.  British researcher Scott McCabe noted that vacations’ “personal benefits have been found to include: rest and recuperation from work; provision of new experiences leading to a broadening of horizons and the opportunity for learning and intercultural communication; promotion of peace and understanding; personal and social development; visiting friends and relatives; religious pilgrimage and health; and, subjective wellbeing”. Now don’t you agree with me that those vacations also mean better output from you at work as well as better relationships with your office mates? A good job output and better relationships at work is in the end really good for the company. And so for managers and company owners who are reading this article, encourage your people to take vacations. It’s not just good for them, it’s good for your company. You can even take it a step further by providing sponsorship for even a short break for your people.

Hubby & me enjoying our break in Phuket

Vacations can mean better family relationships.  An international group of researchers led by Purdue University Xinran Lehto concluded that family vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity. Vacations promote what is called the “crescive bond” (a “shared experience”) by fostering growing and enduring connections. Shared family memories and time spent together isolated from ordinary everyday activities help to promote these positive ties. Lehto and his fellow researchers also point out that although family vacations can have their own share of stress, the benefits outweigh the risks. This is true even for families which are not that close, they add. I would say that I have personally experienced this whenever my husband and I take a short break and spend time with family in our home province. Doing something different from the ordinary like spending time at the beach relaxes all of us. During such times, I discover something new from my own siblings which in the end helps me better understand them.

Vacations mean less risk of heart disease as well as a better outlook of life. This was stressed in an article from WebMD. The article reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD., also adds that vacations/taking a break can give more motivation for a person to achieve goals.  For me personally, I remember that there were so many things bothering my mind during the first quarter of this year. I grieved over the passing away of a good friend as well as a nephew. I also began to question many decisions I have made in my life. I even lost the desire to blog 🙂 But thankfully, God gave my husband and me a vacation opportunity with our good friends during the latter part of May to early June. That vacation helped in giving me a fresh perspective and yes, it did well in ushering me to a better outlook in life 🙂

Vacations can give us a fresh perspective of life
Vacations can give a fresh perspective on life

Now, go ahead. Plan and save up for that vacation. If it’s simply not workable in your budget right now to get away from your own city, why not consider just spending a day at the beach? Or perhaps taking a hike with your loved ones and friends? Short breaks, spending time with your loved ones or work colleagues in a different setting can already refresh you and them as well 🙂  It’s time to stop making excuses and to take that vacation, that break 🙂

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  • Mhar Mg

    Indeed taking vacations can refresh our body and minds. Though sometimes we get the blues, we still feel happy and become more enthusiastic to work.

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