And We’re Back!

For about a month, Winged Hope has not been live. And now it is finally live!

The problem had to do with the hosting. At first, I was really thinking that maybe it was time to let go  of blogging. But as you can see, I changed my mind 🙂 All my reasons are here.

I  can not access my posts from November 2017 to January 2018 as of this time but hey, at least all my blog posts from 2011 (when this blog started) to October 2017 are all here. And we’re happy with that. I mean, I am happy with that 🙂  At least, Winged Hope is not starting over from scratch. I will also try to recover the missing posts.

I will be writing more soon. For one, I have found a new workout that I have been doing for about a month now 🙂  That should help me (including you) stay fit. And yes, there’s more ahead.

Let’s continue to soar 2018 then with Winged Hope 🙂

Made for More Than Ordinary Lives

While I agree that we need to be able to embrace contentment with what we have, I think there also needs to be a balance. What I mean is we should not just settle for a day-to-day mundane, meaningless existence.

Yes, let there be contentment but let there also be purpose 🙂  Let us live each day with meaning, with hopes and dreams.

I think that as we find and embrace the meaning and purpose of our lives, going through the challenging seasons of our lives easier becomes a bit easier. We see a deeper purpose for any of our pains as well as our joys. And I think we are encouraged to live healthier in body, soul and spirit because we know we need whatever resources we have to fulfill our life’s purpose.

This is one song I’ve been listening lately which reminds me that we are made for more than ordinary lives – we are made not just to survive. I hope you get inspired as you listen to the song.

Comfort is Important in Your Time of Uncertainty

An MRI is a safe and painless procedure to obtain very accurate images of the body. This noninvasive scan is used to evaluate a patient after an accident or illness and has a huge number of applications in the medical field. But as with any procedure, there is a certain level of uncertainty and apprehension. Our minds always worry about the worst case scenario and that adds stress to your mind and body. But the open mri scanner can help to eliminate some of the stress of this process.

Unlike the older machines which were very confining and uncomfortable, these newest models have a cushioned table that slides easy through the open MRI machine to complete the scan. The open environment allows for a much more comfortable process for all body types and patients of all ages. In addition the patient is monitored though out the process and can speak to the technicians via a high quality speaker system.

Going in for any type of medical testing can make even the most confident person a little bit uneasy. You are facing a basic fear of the unknown in your potential medical outcome. So adding to that stress with a confining and uncomfortable process is never a good idea. But the simple process of the open MRI can remove much of the worry and fear that was associated with the old process.

And your comfort will never come at the expense of the image quality. The newest machines provide high quality images that will provide your doctor with all of the information needed about your health and your body. Scheduling is as easy as making a call of clicking on a link. And there as re also options available to meet an emergency time frame and have your appointment scheduled as soon as within 24 hours of your call.